We're on a mission to provide you with professional, reliable and affordable technology support.

    On Call Technology Support

    Everybody's IT guy.
    Covering Indianapolis to Bloomington and all areas in-between

    You wouldn't repair an electrical problem in your home without the consultation of an electrician.  Why not call on the 25 years of combined experience MagiTech can offer you?

    Technology Diagnosis & Repair

    All computers & operating systems.  Most smartphones & tablets.

    From MS-DOS 5.0 to Windows 8.1, we've got your back.  We have loved Apples of all colors since we were kids.  Is your Android acting up?  Lee is a cyborg who speaks the language, really.

    Backup Solutions

    Don't lose your data, back it up!

    In our experience, most people do not backup their data adequately.  We've been there before, and you don't want to.  Let us assist you with local & cloud backup solutions to meet your needs.  MagiTech is a certified Agent Partner with Code42, makers of Crashplan cloud backup.

    Networking Installation, Diagnosis & Repair

    Don't let your devices be lonely.

    Does your new smart TV not see your wireless signal?  Are the download speeds on your desktop computer horrible?  MagiTech can help.

    Technology Matching

    We can help you with the decision.

    The decision on what to buy has become a difficult process.  With our technology matching service, MagiTech can guide you to the exact product you need.  Never be sold on a product you regret again!

    Technology Instruction

    Let us show you how to do it!

    Often the hardest part about technology is how to use it.  Through our technology instruction service, we will sit with you at your home or place of business and help you accomplish the tasks you desire.

    Lee Lawmaster

    Sole Proprietor

    In 1995 Lee was given a magic box that would take him to new worlds and connect him with people around the world. Little did he know that over time, the technology that box contained would become his life's work.


    A graduate of Indiana University, Lee has more than 17 years of experience with a wide array of information technologies. His true passion in life is helping people overcome their shortcomings with technology related problems.


    A lifelong resident of Monroe County, Indiana. Lee is an avid traveler, with recent visits to Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower, Yellowstone & Pikes Peak. He has two daughters who are the light of his life.

    Nick Von Ogden

    Indianapolis Operations Associate

    Nick is a technology advocate who strives to make technology as simple as possible for everyone. Nick has been building custom computers since he was in high school, and loves overcoming limitations with technology. Nick loves to teach others how different types of technology can make their life less cumbersome, so they can get back to what matters most, their life.


    Nick received his undergraduate degree from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, and is currently a graduate student with a goal date of graduating in 2015. Nick has been helping people overcome technology problems for 8 years.


    Outside of technology, Nick is an avid Notre Dame fan, loves to shoot hoops, and enjoys going to sporting events.


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